123creative releases Transhaper X3 – transient shaping system VST

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Music Industry Newswire NEWS: 123creative releases Transhaper X3 – transient shaping / designing system, VST plug-in for Windows. According to the developer: “Transhaper X3 allow you boost transients (spikes of audio signal) of your drums, percussions or any other instruments. Are your drums or percussions sounding too deep and flat and you want to make them modern, sharp and significant, or opposite are your drums too sharp and you want to make them more gentle? Are you hearing lot of unwanted room reverb in your live recorded drums? Try Transhaper X3.”

Top features:
– Transient shaping system – with Attack, Release and Transient amount knobs for designing shape of your transients.

– Trans saturation – for saturating shape of transients (making it round).

– Hi-freq transient enhancer – module for enhancing high frequency transients.

– Output module – with dry/wet knob for selecting ideal compromise between effected an uneffected sound and output visualization display.

– Input and Output volume knob.

Made in cooperation with engineers from G-Sonique digital instruments.

Regular price: 16,90 Eur
Limited introductory price: 9,90 Eur

URL: http://www.123creative.com/plug-ins/163-transhaper-x3-transient-shaper-vst.html

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