KV331 Audio announces SynthMaster 2.61 with 750 Factory Presets

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V331 Audio SynthMasterMusic Industry Newswire NEWS: The busy bees at KV331 Audio continue to hone their formidable virtual synth instrument with yet another periodic update, now at v2.6. There is likely no other bit of music making software out there with this many continuous enhancements made in response to both user input and actual feature additions.

This update brings the following new features to SynthMaster:
* Support for SynthMasterCM and SynthMasterBE presets: SynthMaster now reads SynthMasterCM and SynthMasterBE presets. Also, SynthMaster users can download the online presets submitted by SynthMasterCM and SynthMasterBE users.

* MIDI Output: Synthmaster now outputs the MIDI data generated by its arpeggiators on layers 1 and 2.

* 250 New Factory Presets: SynthMaster CM and SynthMaster BE factory presets (130) along with Rob

* Lee’s new factory presets (114) have been added to the factory content of SynthMaster, increasing the total presets count to 750.

* Demo Restrictions Updated: The demo version of SynthMaster now contains 300 factory presets, and the demo timeout duration has been increased to 15 minutes.

* User Preset Folders: SynthMaster now remembers the folders used to save the user presets.

* Easy Parameter Assignments: The auto-assign algorithm for easy parameters have been improved in version 2.6.

* MIDI Sequence Imports: The arpeggiator can now import MIDI files that contains triplet notes as well.

Registered users can download the update through the KV331 website or through the email announcement sent to each owner of the product.

SynthMaster demo of new Rob Lee sounds:

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